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1. Ed Harding documents illegal overt psywar persecution from before 2005-now
     Starting around May 1, 2005, paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton and his coworker alias B2 have been conducting an amazing illegal around-the-clock electronic psychological warfare or psywar attack against political activist, human rights advocate, and U.S. political dissident Ed Harding.  Starting in June 2005, Ed has carefully documented Jay's illegal electronic assault against Ed that used hi-tech LRAD sound beam sound harassment, covert anti-brain beam weapons, and hi-tech wireless and/or Internet-based computer hacking attacks.  Ed started documenting illegal hi-tech FBI SID electronic harassment at Ed's main website,, in June 2005.  Ed moved this documentation to on 9/14/10.  Ed eventually built the websites,,,,, and to document the problem of illegal black ops political persecution in America. 
While Ed also owns, Ed has not had the time to document the issue of illegal gangstalking persecution.
    Prior to 2005, previous FBI SID covert anti-brain beam weapon electronic harassment disabled Ed Harding, decreased Ed Harding's previously MENSA-quality brainpower, and caused Ed Harding to lose the home Ed Harding bought at age 24.  Ed Harding, previously a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist who skipped a grade in elementary school and who routinely scored in the top 1% in intelligence tests in school, a political organizer and a commuter student government legislator in college, a college graduate who graduated Magna cum laude in the top 5% of his class with a major in Empowerment: Personal Growth and Social Change and an Honor's Citation, a computer professional, and a homeowner at age 24, is now a persecuted and disabled renter and marginalized human rights advocate because of illegal hi-tech political persecution from the FBI SID or black ops.
     One of the worst effects of hi-tech political persecution was the loss of time, brainpower, productivity, privacy, and, bottom line, money.

Illegal beam weapon disablement drains time, brainpower, productivity, earning potential, employability, and money from its target, as this Northern Sun T-shirt graphic tries to quickly explain.  Financial loss by and even the potential financial collapse of a targeted individual or TI is a major concern.  Some long-term surviving TIs probably rely on disability or retirement pensions.  (By the way, might the collapse of a balanced U.S. federal government budget and a growing U.S. federal government debt currently propped up by foreign loans be at least partially attributable to covert beam weapon disablement of some key government officials that black ops are trying to "mind control"?)

     Ed believes Jay Pendelton's electronic assault against Ed Harding will eventually reveal a U.S. government scandal comparable to Watergate in 1973.  There are a growing number of websites complaining about illegal hi-tech electronic harassment in America.  And most of the victims of illegal hi-tech electronic harassment and/or gangstalking in the past 3 decades either don't know they were victims or they probably blocked out the memory and forgot about being briefly noticeably persecuted.
     Ed plans to eventually end illegal U.S. FBI SID black ops persecution against Ed, and to eventually obtain a legal settlement or settlements of at least $40 million before taxes
(plus $5 million/future year of being heavily illegally persecuted and death-threated), an amount that is probably equal to an estimated 100%-300% of the amount of U.S. taxpayer dollars that the FBI SID has wasted illegally persecuting Ed Harding for more than 20 years.  (Ed is also willing to be paid Ed's future legal settlement(s) in easier to pay smaller annual installment payments of at least $1.2 million/year or even monthly installment payments of between $100k-$300k/month if this is easier for the federal government to pay.)

2. Ed Harding's current plans and very limited progress
     Ed's main goals for 2011 include survival, improved finances, improved organization, improved documentation of illegal U.S. FBI SID black ops political persecution of Ed Harding and other TIs or targeted individuals.  After Ed has improved Ed's finances, organization, and documentation, Ed eventually plans to file for and and qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance because Jay's around the clock electronic warfare assault against Ed has disabled Ed Harding. 
Ed is waiting to apply for hard-to-qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance until Ed has better documentation and the issues of electronic harassment, mind reading, mind control, and covert anti-brain beam weapon brain disablement have leaked into the US media and into the awareness of the American people.
     Ed is choosing an extremely cautious and persistent survival-focused strategy of coping with illegal and disabling hi-tech electronic beam weapon persecution by U.S. federal government FBI SID workers/black ops.  Ed's strategy includes staying home to lower Ed's profile and avoid trouble, wearing more magshielding around Ed's brain to maximize Ed's brainpower while being zapped by multiple anti-brain beam weapons, adding items to sell at to develop an additional steady income stream, and slowly and nonconfrontationally improving Ed's website documentation. 
Ed has more than 1,900 items for sale at as of 5/16/11.  Ed is also adding donation buttons to Ed's websites.  Donations will help Ed survive illegal FBI SID persecution and help Ed build up Ed's paradigm-shifting documentation of hi-tech political persecution in America.
     Jay's strategy has been to stay high on illegal methamphetamine speed and severely persecute and electronically disable Ed and to try to create instead of avoid or defuse electronic flashpoint psywar confrontation.  Criminal perp and drug addict Jay Pendelton spent many hours telling tense made-up threatening psywar drama, and Jay made repeated persecution threats, some lockup threats, some death threats, drug use comments, blow job comments, and even some twisted rape comments.  Despite Ed's repeated emails to law enforcement, Jay Pendelton is still unarrested.
     Ed has learned to mostly ignore Jay's psywar bullshit (after logging more than 6,600 pages of illegal FBI SID persecution), to shield Ed's brain, and to focus on Ed's work and Ed's sometimes painfully slow progress.  While Ed has been able to maintain and gradually improve Ed's documentation at Ed's websites, Ed's home business has bogged down from very low productivity due to beam weapon brain disablement and slow sales.  Basically, Ed has enough energy to stay alive and document the truth from Ed's perspective at Ed's websites and earn some essential extra income, but not enough unpersecuted energy to make real progress in earning extra money, to actively protest illegal FBI SID persecution, to start a full-scale political conflict with the FBI SID, or to enjoy living a normal non-persecuted life.

3. Learn more about coping with illegal psywar persecution
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     To learn why Jay Pendelton should be arrested, read  You can also complain to the police departments and federal police agencies about arresting FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton.
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     Please consider making a donation to help Ed survive illegal FBI SID persecution and help Ed build up Ed's paradigm-shifting documentation of hi-tech political persecution in America.